Versilia history and nature

This itinerary, completely flat, crosses the historical Versilia touching the two main towns of Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta without neglecting the naturalistic aspect.

After the departure from Pietrasanta the route will cross the Versiliana park, the pine forest that in 1902 inspired the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio; an area of ​​around 800.000sqm. will allow us to become familiar with the bikes along its many paths.

From here we will move to the exclusive Forte dei Marmi.

Riding through the center we will reach the characteristic Pontile; a pier built in the second half of the 800, the old wooden loading dock.

The current Pontile, rebuilt after the Second World War, is a walkway that goes into the sea for more than 250 meters from which to admire the spectacle of the Apuan Alps.

From here, along the bike path to the mouth of the Versilia river, we will reach the protected natural area of ​​the Lake Porta, where a "single track" allows a loop of about 4 km, which winds through reeds, woods, humid meadows and laps various watercourses.

The tour will continue along the banks of the Versilia river until you reach Pietrasanta, city of art and artists: Igor Mitoraj, Jean Michel Folon, Fernando Botero, Pietro Cascella, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Joan Mirò and many others have worked, lived or donated their works to the city, this is why Pietrasanta fully deserves the nickname "City of the artists" or "Little Athens".


We will cross the historical center and climb up to the historical Rocca di Sala, on the hill, from which we can enjoy the view from the beautiful Duomo Square, where we will stop for a drink*.

Length: about 25/27km

Vertical drop: irrelevant

Route: roads - ciclopiste - dirt

Difficulty: tourist - easy

Duration: half day


Participation fee: 

2 participants € 45,00 per person

3 participants € 40,00 per person

4 participants € 35,00 per person

5participants € 30,00 per person

from 6 participants € 25,00 per person

* the final drink is optional and has an additional price of € 10.00 per person, includes a drink + a small snack in a café in Pietrasanta's Piazza del Duomo.

For single tours requires quotation by email.


Is possible to take part in the tours by e-bike.

Simple route: it is also possible to take part in the tour with a touring bike.

For large groups of 8 people or more, a second guide is foreseen, the cost of which will be calculated at the time of booking.

The tours can be changed without notice, due to logistical, technical and adverse meteorological conditions.