Pasquilio e Folgorito mountain

A challenging but at the same time spectacular tour in one of the most popular destinations in Versilia mountain biking.

From Montignoso a 13km paved road slope runs through a chestnut wood, where, with a little luck, it will be possible to sight hawks, buzzards, pheasants and foxes.

Once in of Pasquilio (824 m.)  a  dirt road begins.  After passing through the old quarries of Mount Carchio and wooded areas arrives at the base of Mount Folgorito (911m) named this way because target of lightnings during storms.

From here you can enjoy a stunning view from the mountains to the sea; you can see the coast from Livorno to the Gulf of Poets and Palmaria island in Liguria and, on clear and serene days, you can see the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago and even Corsica.

Moreover, by leaving the bikes momentarily, you can walk along a short path that leads to a stele in memory of the war and quickly ascend to the cross placed on the top of the Folgorito.

In the second world war this area was crossed by the Gothic Line, a border line between the German and American troops and was the scene of bloody clashes.

Today there are many historical testimonies of this defensive line, especially on the peak of the Folgorito, these are holes, trenches, walkways, shelter caverns and dormitory and shooting posts, all of the Wermacht.

It is possible to return to the start along two roads: the first is a simple descent with a road that is sometimes alternated between paved and dirt road, with steep slope ; the second runs along an amusing dirt road that leads to Cerreta S. Nicola, a little village located at about 570m formed by some farmhouses located near the small church dedicated to San Nicola da Tolentino.

The church dates back to the 17th century and was completely destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt, in small size, in 1948.

From this point begins a single track, about 3km, sometimes technical that leads to  "Monte di Ripa", in the last part the path is very ruined by bad weather and is to be covered by walking for 200/250 meters at the end of which you rejoin the paved road that leads to Ripa where we will stop for a small snack-tasting in a wine shop*.

Then return to the starting point.

Length: about 40km

Difference in height: 900m D +

Route: roads - dirt roads - mountain paths

Difficulty: challenging

Duration: full day

Participation fee: 

2 participants € 75,00 per person

3 participants € 60,00 per person

4 participants € 50,00 per person

5 participants € 45,00 per person

from 6 participants € 40,00 per person

* The tasting is optional and has an additional cost of € 20.00 per person

For single tours requires quotation by email.


Is possible to take part in the tours by e-bike.

For large groups of 8 people or more, a second guide is foreseen, the cost of which will be calculated at the time of booking.

The tours can be changed without notice, due to logistical, technical and adverse meteorological conditions.